OfficeQ Data Extractor Purchase


Downloadable software suite to extract data from QuickBooks files.  Includes the following components:

  • Core data extractor (OFFICEQ6.EXE).  This is a library component (ActiveX Automation) that can be easily used from virtually any Windows development environment.
  • SQL (Jet) Query Editor and runner that can be used to develop or evaluate SQL queries.  Includes over 100 prewritten queries as well as new queries which are regularly added to our web site.
  • Microsoft Excel sample application that can be used to run queries and fill worksheets.  This is an ideal environment for creating custom reports.
  • Microsoft Access sample application (available on request) that runs queries.  Adds the ability to use Microsoft Access reports for output, but not as full featured or powerful as the Excel application.

Requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (or later).  Intuit QuickBooks should also be installed on the computer.

For single user.  May be installed on up to 5 computers as long as the single user only uses one of the computers at a time.

Note:  We will email you within 24 hours of purchase with any newer versions of the software not yet available from this web site.

Price: $299.99